Who hires The Mighty Ants

Our diverse experience attracts clients from many industries. For each of them, we adapt to their unique needs and requirements to create resonance with their audience.

Consumer Brands

Working with consumers means developing rich, meaningful experiences and clear communications at every touchpoint, from in-store signage to Facebook profiles. We’ve helped brands big and small develop strategies, create web presences or digital marketing campaigns, and streamline customer service processes. Our goal with each project is to help our clients resonate with their customers, building trust and loyalty with each interaction.


Life Sciences (Medical and Pharmaceutical)

The intersection of science and communications is often delicate. When reaching out to consumers, the trick is to explain things clearly and concisely, without insulting their intelligence. For professionals, it’s about making their already-complex lives simpler and getting the key points across quickly. TMA has worked with doctors, clinical researchers, medical device manufacturers and associations to craft a communications or technology strategy that navigates the waters of complex material, simple interfaces, and regulatory compliance. We take the nerve-wracking and complex industry in stride, producing the same high-quality work for all its diverse audiences.

Business Services (B2B)

Business is about working with people, and TMA makes working with people easier. We help streamline processes, implement CRM and custom eCommerce solutions, develop communications strategies and messaging platforms, manage internal communications, and drive targeted SEO and social network marketing initiatives that are suited for niche B2B needs.


Entrepreneurs & Start-Ups

We help big ideas become reality, and entrepreneurs trust us because we consider measure our success on their’s. We stick with our start-up friends, often iterating the product over several generations and helping analyze, plan, and launch new features as the market moves and their goals pivot on a dime. Your idea, combined with our expertise, can create beautiful successful products that the world has yet to dream up.


Nonprofit & Education

Our careers started in the nonprofit sector, and we are keenly aware of the challenges and unique needs these organizations face. We leverage creative strength and sheer willpower to confront limited funds, time constraints, diverse stakeholders, or regulatory issues faced by nonprofits. We work magic on behalf of those doing the greatest good, creating solutions that are not only high effective (and downright cool), but also sustainable on shoestring budgets and minimal technical skill.


Energy and Utility Companies

Energy topics are not always as simple as flicking a light switch, and for many Americans, wasteful and even unsafe usage patterns are deeply ingrained and difficult to overcome. TMA has unique experience in consumer and legislator education on energy-related issues. Through clear communications and multimedia experience centers, we’ve helped thousands of people better understand how to save money, cut waste, and interact with their local utility.


Public Advocacy Initiatives

Winning people to your cause is an ongoing effort to build relationships. Time and again in the news we've seen the strength of united groups of people fighting for the values they believe in. We've worked with a wide range of nonprofits and special initiatives to create a virtual online hub for their communications efforts. We combine carefully crafted campaigns and messaging with social media, beautiful websites, email campaigns, and fundraising tools to keep important issues alive in the hearts and minds of voters.

Financial Services

Finance is about trust. The team at The Mighty Ants has fiercely guarded the trust of investors, money managers, banks and hedge funds. We’ve built portfolio systems that distill thousands of data points into a clear snapshot of financial health. We’ve built Investor Relations sites and designed annual reports that convey confidence and reliability. These companies are under heavy pressure, and we provide the same high levels of service and expertise expected of them.


Other Creative Agencies

The creative industry is rich with diverse talent, and one of our core beliefs as a firm is being light on our feet and quick to work with the best people for any given job. For many other agencies, TMA is the best firm for technology, interactive, or campaign-related projects. We are able to take a project and run with it, producing excellent work and profoundly successful results. Other firms trust us because we make them look good, because we make their clients happy, and because we’re just so darn easy to work with.


* Clients marked with an asterisk were served by The Mighty Ants' leadership while working at different agency.