Branding is not just for big firms and giant budgets. Every company or nonprofit already has a brand; it’s found in the perceptions of your customers and constituents. And everything a firm does reinforces those perceptions; branding is creating and reinforcing a customer’s positive view of an organization.

Logos, letterhead, websites, and even talking points are outgrowths of a company’s core identity. The Mighty Ants helps draw out those core values that make up a firm, then we develop a program that highlights why customers should choose our clients. The key is standing out, and consistently reminding stakeholders of one’s value.

We see branding as a capital investment. Done well, the initial work to create the collateral and train staff can resonate for decades. It doesn’t have to be expensive; it’s not a six- or seven-figure project. It just requires a commitment to honestly assess one’s standing in the market, and to implementing the program over the years to come.

The Mighty Ants has developed brands for large firms and small in many different industries, as well as nonprofits. We may design logos and graphics from the ground up, or we might help train staff on reinforcing brand identity.

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