Mighty Ants Interactive

Reaching customers is about more than broadcasting a one-way message. Companies & nonprofits alike need to resonate with their customers to cut through the noise and drive their messages home.

The Mighty Ants believes that in order to create resonance, a message needs to be appealing to customers, innately understandable, and readily applicable to their personal lives. In everything—from websites to social media, mobile applications to touch tanks—we try to craft an experience that follows this resonance pathway toward the Eureka! Moment.

In every medium we use three core tools:

User Experience Design

We believe in the end user, and design our solutions to reflect what they want and expect from our clients’ brands. We have a keen understanding of how the average will respond, and build intuitive and usable interfaces that are simple or even—dare we say it?—fun to use.

Strategic Thinking

A website, iPhone app, or Facebook page won’t exist in a vacuum. We are not a firm that isolates our work from the rest of an organization’s strategy; we want to see the big picture, and know how one element fits into it. The smallest thing might spark the greatest idea, and we try to root those out by understanding our clients’ short and long term business goals over and above their media targets.

Advanced But Appropriate Technologies

There are new ideas, new strategies, and new techniques emerging every week, and we like to play with them all. Nothing gets us excited like innovation, and we keep our thumb on the pulse of advancing web technology. At the same time, we will never push our clients into technologies or marketing channels simply because they’re new. We build solutions around our clients, we don’t shoehorn them into our vision of what’s cool. We advocate forward thinking, but we listen and respond to the needs of the companies and customers that will use what we build.


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