Websites & Web Programming

Everything revolves around the web, and when it comes to web-powered anything, The Mighty Ants knows what to do. Our foundation is in open source web technologies - this is where we started, this is where we live.

Web Presence

A website is just a starting point, it’s the basic requirement for entry. Today it’s more about an organization’s web presence - spanning their own website, Facebook, Twitter, mobile interaction, and even good old fashioned email campaigns. We take our clients through the whole process, from dreaming up what they want to accomplish online, to building the digital ecosystem, and helping them keep it running after launch.

Every project is different from the ones before. We don’t use cookie-cutter designs, and every piece of technology is fine tuned to the needs of the client at hand. Our clients inspire us to think of new and exciting products and applications, and we work hard to rise to the challenge of innovating something new each and every time.

Rich Internet Applications

On the technology side of TMA, we began our careers as programmers. We love to build stuff. From PHP to microelectronics, we’re driven to create new and fascinating things with code. We excel at taking our clients’ needs and ideas, processes and pain points, and building software that makes it so much easier to manage.

Entrepreneurs come to us because we bring their ideas to life. Business service companies come to us to unite their distributed workforces with intranets or CRM solutions. For all of them, we leverage the latest and greatest standards-driven, open-source technologies that empower them to be better at whatever it is they do.

Work Examples

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